The challenge of giving God everything

Episode 41 · December 4th, 2019 · 24 mins 5 secs

About this Episode

Archbishop Lucas reflects on gratitude and the Christian's vocation to stewardship: "The challenge of the Scriptures and of our Catholic faith is to begin with a stance of recognizing our dependence on God, of giving thanks and then making an offering to him without a lot of fanfare. We say to him in our own minds, and practically in our checkbooks, or by whatever means we have, '“This significant portion of what I have received I am dedicating to you and to your purposes, and you will help me see how best to make use of it.'"

In this episode:

  • Reflecting on the very successful Ignite the Faith capital campaign (0:00 - 4:10)
  • The connection between thankfulness and stewardship (4:15 - 6:00)
  • The use of goods (6:35 - 12:55)
  • Practical acknowledgement of God's presence (14:00 - 18:00)